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Keats Island

Group of 9 people fined a total of $10,350.

Warning !!!   2017
It has been reported that Keats island is infested with Ticks
Beware of Lyme disease

"Live and let Live"

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Vacation Rentals are NOT permitted on Keats Island -- See Islands Trust Bylaws

Keats Island is located in Howe Sound British Columbia. From Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, it is just a forty five minute BC Ferry ride and then a fifteen minute ride on a smaller passenger boat to either of the two government island wharves.

Keats is a mostly rural island whose major population is seasonal cottagers and campers. There are full time residents but there are no stores or rental accommodations. Four communities inhabit the island. There are two  summer camps. There is a provincially owned
Plumper cove marine park which is only accessible by boat. There are also a number of community parks on the island providing access to beaches for land locked property owners.

The Island's area is approximately 1500 acres. There are about 465 parcels of land. These private parcels vary in size from fractional acres to hundreds of acres. The whole island aside from the provincial park is entirely subdivided into privately owned land. There is occasionally land for sale. However, you must contact your Realtor for appointments to view.

Other than the human population, Keats is also home to many birds and deer who are sometimes joined by an occasional swimming black bear.

Keats Island is surrounded by many different beaches that are filled with marine life and inland the island is covered with forests and lookouts. This island is a superb example of beautiful BC.

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